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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Why do they hate us less?

According to superblogger Josh Marshall, a new multi-country public opinion poll "appears to show a rising tide of anti-Americanism in Arab states that are at least nominally allied with the United States."

What he really means is that anti-Americanism is high. The excitiing news, though, is that anti-Americanism in the Middle East is falling. Here's how the Pew Charatible Trust (the poll's sponsors) summarize the results.

In the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed, anger toward the United States remains pervasive, although the level of hatred has eased somewhat and support for the war on terrorism has inched up.

Some figures are below. Basically they show that while we're not very popular with the middle eastern countries in the poll, we're more popular that we were just after the Iraq war. Even compared to before the war, we're not doing that badly. In Jordan we've lost ground since 2002; in Turkey our popularity has returned to pre-war levels; and in Pakistan, they like us more than they used to.

% favoring "US-lead efforts to fight terrorism"
Turkey Pakistan Jordan Morocco
March 2004 37 16 12 28
May, 2003 22 16 2 9
Summer, 2002 30 20 13 --

% with a Somewhat Favorable or Very Favorable Opinion of the United States
Turkey Pakistan Jordan Morocco
March 2004 30 21 5 27
May, 2003 15 13 1 27
Summer, 2002 30 10 25 --

% with a Very Unfavorable Opinion of the United States
Turkey Pakistan Jordan Morocco
March 2004 45 50 67 46
May, 2003 68 71 83 53
Summer, 2002 42 58 57 --


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