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Tuesday, April 20, 2004


toomuchtimeonhands writes: "Kerry seems to have picked up a lot of Clintonian advisers and economic themes in preparation for the general election. This is a very good thing, I think you would agree, and the policy you mention is one manifestation. Are there others?"

Yes, one thing I've realized have looked at a few of Kerry's economic proposals is that they're pretty similar to policies that the Clinton White House was working on. Observers wiser than me have pointed out that Kerry seems to be relying heavily on Clinton's economic team for advice.

Another example of a recycled Clinton program is Kerry's plan to provide federal grants to "hire 100,000 new firefighters" (and also to increase federal grants to fire departments for anti-terrorist "first responder" equipment and training). This calls to mind of course, Clinton's plan to hire 100,000 cops (which Kerry also wants to fund).

So, is relying on Clinton's team a good thing? Well, a return to Clinton's economic policies would surely be a vast improvement. As would spending adequate amounts of money on port security, first responders, and otherwise protecting us against terrorism. Still, I blame Gene Sperling, Robert Rubin, and those guys for convincing Clinton to back off from investments in infrastructure and education in his first few years in office, and pressuring Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries to allow loosely regulated "hot money" capital flows into their country, causing a global economic crisis in Clinton's last few years in office.

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