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Thursday, April 08, 2004

More on Norwegian People's Aid

An NPA representative has replied to my email, saying that they aren't able to accept donations over the internet, but she was able to provide a postal address.

Norsk Folkehjelp/Norwegian People's Aid
Postbox 8844 Youngstorget
0028 Oslo

Since it's a foreign charity, donations are probably not tax deductible.

If I haven't talked you out of donating to NPA, despite all the good work they do helping the Sudanese resistance, clearing land mines, and so on, here are some quotes from a NY Times article extolling Norway's comparative advantage in peacemaking, "A Nation That Exports Oil, Herring and Peace."

Now more than ever, Norway seems to be the international capital of peace. The Nobel Peace Prize, awarded here since 1901, is only a glossy part of it.
Over the last decade, Norwegians have had a hand in peace talks between Communist rebels and the Philippine government; Croatia and Yugoslavia, and Colombia's government and the FARC rebel movement. Norwegians have ventured into Cyprus and Somalia and Sudan.

In 1996, they helped negotiate a cease-fire, signed in Oslo, between leftist guerrilla leaders and the Guatemalan government, ending an armed conflict that had claimed 100,000 lives over 35 years.
[A Norwegian diplomat says] that Norway "cannot be the fire brigade" for the world. "But," he added, "we can be a kind of social worker."

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