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Friday, May 28, 2004

Number 2 with a Bullet!

It's been our best week so far here at the Ragout Kitchen: over 1,800 visitors. I started this blog a few months ago joking about seeking links from right-wing warbloggers. But (at least this week) we've been even more successful than that. Why we've been linked by some of the top anti-war bloggers, and, better yet, some non-blog web sites. We've been linked by once-blind media commentator David Brock, top campaign blogger MarKOS Zuniga, longhaired economist Max Sawicky, the Columbia Journalism Review, and others.

A few months ago, I was pleased to be number 6 in Ragout Economics (out of 600 or so). But this week you're reading a blog that is not only number one in Ragout Economics, but is also the second most popular Ragout website on Google (out of 295,000). My apologies to everyone who came here looking for recipes.

Anyway, besides wanting to boast about my first taste of blogging success, I have a couple tips for bloggers hoping to promote their blogs, and a few announcements.

The tips for blog promoters. (1) You really can sleep your way to the top! (2) The large majority of this week's hits have come from David Brock's non-blog, even with the link from top-5 blog dailykos.com. This leads me to speculate that there may be life outside of the blogosphere.

The announcements. (1) I plan to start a regular Monday feature, "Economists Say," discussing New York Times sentences that begin with "economists say" and end with nonsense. I expect to have little trouble finding enough material for a weekly post. (2) I will be posting an official ragout recipe, just as soon as I develop one.

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