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Friday, June 11, 2004


Blogging will be light, or maybe heavy, hard to say.

I was just in a serious hit and run car accident. Fortunately, it was only serious for my car, which no longer has an enclosed trunk, and not for me. I'm fine, although the cops tell me that I can expect my muscles to seize up tomorrow, and my friends urge me over the telephone to see a doctor, just to be sure.

Anyway, I'm blogging this for four reasons: (1) to play for sympathy, (2) to report on the amusing aspects of being rear-ended, (3) to discuss important public policy implications, and (4) because I've been slacking off on the food-blogging.

I was rear-ended by a big SUV, while stopped at a red light. The light had just turned green, and I was getting into gear, when I noticed a giant SUV bearing down on me. The SUV hit me and took off.

The amusing aspects:
(1) Me fumbling for the emergency blinkers while simultaneously trying to move out of the way of oncoming traffic, not realizing that since my car no longer had a rear end, the tail lights were unlikely to be effective. Really, had you been there, looking over my shoulder, you would have found it hysterically funny.
(2) The hit and run driver, having smashed my car so badly that onlookers phoned for an ambulance, decided to make a run for it, not realizing that there was a police car behind him! The hit-and-runner was caught within a mile.

The policy implications:
(1) I blame the system. The traffic lights on the road were timed such that the light behind me turned green before my light. This leads to a fast-moving wave of traffic rushing towards stopped cars, such as mine.
(2) I hate SUVs. A lot. If Bush proposed banning SUVs and implementing a federal program to properly time traffic lights, I would vote for him, or at least seriously consider it. Why isn't this a national issue (along with traffic congestion)?

The gustatory implications:
Austrian "Gruner Veltliner" wine produced by Berger and available from Fresh Fields (a moderately dry white wine) is an excellent nerve tonic after an auto accident. And it comes in 1 liter bottles! Wine in liter bottles is very rare, but when you can find it, it's always excellent.


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