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Thursday, July 08, 2004

My CV is Longer Than Yours

Luskin and his pal Seater, an actual economist at NC State, attack Brad DeLong's CV:
DeLong published quite a bit up to 1993, when he got tenure. After that, his scientific contributions fell almost to zero, and overall the vita is embarrassingly weak for someone at a big time department like Berkeley. There are almost no papers in refereed journals over the past 10 years, and almost all of those are comments, surveys, introductions to conferences, or such; original research since 1994 is virtually non-existent. DeLong appears to have largely ceased doing serious work.

Kautilyan has published a refutation, pointing out that DeLong has been ranked 118th best economist on the basis of citatations, and a number of DeLong's other achievements. I think there's one point worth adding to Kautilyan's defense: economists of DeLong's stature have luxury of being invited to publish in prestigious but non-peer-reviewed outlets. I count five of these articles on DeLong's CV since 1994, as well as two articles in top peer-reviewed macro journals, many book chapters, plus a textbook, a history book, and numerous articles in the popular press. So the claim that DeLong has produced almost no "original research" since 1994 is just false. And I'd guess it's legally slanderous too. Seater and Luskin are treading on dangerous ground. Sue him Brad! I bet Luskin has deep pockets!

Of course Luskin is just using the squid defense: squirting ink to disguise the fact that he's been caught in multiple errors and has almost no credentials at all. Compared to an intellectual pygmy like Luskin, DeLong is unquestionably a giant and it's silly to debate whether he's 7' or 8' tall. Admittedly, this is faint praise for DeLong: most first-year economics graduate students are intellectual giants compared to Luskin. Luskin is a guy who's proved incapable of even looking up the correct data on real exchange rates, yet has devoted his life to criticizing Krugman, the guy who literally wrote the book on exchange rates.

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