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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

War is Peace, Says the War President

Self-proclaimed "War President" Bush announced his "strategy for peace" on Monday,

We are defending the peace by taking the fight to the enemy...We have followed this strategy -- defending the peace, protecting the peace and extending the peace -- for nearly three years.

Some might call this language Orwellian. Perhaps we are defending our country by launching overseas invasions and "taking the fight to the enemy," but are we really "defending the peace?"

But I won't join in the denunciations. Instead, I hail War President Bush for admitting that he has been defending, protecting, and extending the peace for less than three years. That is, since 9/11. Before then, one assumes, he was more interested in cutting taxes on the rich, expanding faith-based programs, and vacationing in Crawford.

Lest you think I'm exaggerating, Bush later in his speech makes more explicit his confession of pre-9/11 failure:

Three years ago, the world was very different. Terrorists planned attacks, with little fear of discovery or reckoning. Outlaw regimes supported terrorists and defied the civilized world, without shame and with few consequences. Weapons proliferators sent their deadly shipments and grew wealthy, encountering few obstacles to their trade.

I think someone needs to remind Bush that he was President before 9/11 too.

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