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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Juan Cole becomes Instapundit, Part 1

Instapundit is justly famous for his often misleading summaries of the articles he links to. Typically, he'll write one line touting, say, new proof that those darned liberals want to take away your guns and give them to terrorists. But if you follow his links, you often find that the article bears no relationship to his description. Deliberate deception? Perhaps, but more likely Insty hasn't bothered to do more than glance at the headline of the article he's linking to.

Here's Juan Cole's breathless "summary" of a recent media report about the AIPAC scandal.
The way in which the FBI investigation of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Israeli links to the pro-Likud clique in the Pentagon may be derailed through AIPAC's manipulation of Congress is laid out by Hans Nichols in The Hill.
If you follow Cole's link, to an article titled "Spy-scandal lobby blitz: AIPAC secures wide backing after secrets charges," it turns out that AIPAC's nefarious attempt to derail the FBI's investigation consists of -- imagine this -- soliciting statements of support from members of Congress. A typical statement obtained by AIPAC is "I know AIPAC. I know the AIPAC leadership. It is an outstanding organization."

Wow! AIPAC is able to elicit praise from a broad array of congressional leaders! Clearly, more shocking proof of what Cole calls AIPAC's "iron lock...on US congressional Middle East policy." How does AIPAC do it? How did they obtain such vast power? Those darned scheming Likudniks...


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