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Sunday, September 19, 2004

NBC's Helpful Advice to Kerry

Elizabeth Wilner, political director for NBC News, explains that "today's crop of Democrats are right to worry that they lack the laser focus and ruthless efficiency of the current GOP."

Her proof? The Bush Campaign's "hard-nosed," "ruthlessly efficient" response to the CBS memos about Bush's National Guard string-pulling:

"GOP partisans outside the Bush campaign quickly questioned the authenticity of the documents that CBS claimed to have unearthed, while the Bush campaign itself stayed out of the fray."
Compare that to the "sluggish" Kerry response to the Swift Boat lies:
"Kerry advisers insisted that taking the high road amid attacks on Kerry's Vietnam service by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was the way to go."
Now some might suggest that the key difference is that the Republicans have a media empire -- Fox News, Clear Channel, talk radio -- while the Democrats don't. The pro-Republican media was quite willing to relentlessly repeat the Swift Boat charges, despite the overwhelming evidence that they were lies.

But for NBC's political director, such a theory doesn't even warrant any consideration. To her, it was obviously foolish and incompetent for the Kerry camaign to take the "high road," but brilliant for the Bush campaign to stay "out of the fray."


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