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Saturday, September 11, 2004

New Blogs

I've added a bunch of new blogs to the blogroll:

* The Sock Thief, "Where the Left and Darwin Meet," is by far the most idiosyncratic of the bunch. It's written by a New Zealand (PhD?) biologist who's as disgusted as I am with infantile leftists like Cockburn and Chomsky, but has remained as left-wing as I was before I became disgusted with infantile leftists like Cockburn and Chomsky. Here's a post that sums up the Sock Thief's lefty biologist voice, "Right out breeds Left"

* Cheese Monkey is a new blog by an economist with good graphic design skills. Its best feature is probably posts of recent editorial cartoons and such: here's one (I'm not clear if this is original or a repost, but it's funny).

* Palabris is another good looking blog, based in New York City, that focuses mainly on politics. For some reason I think it's run by CUNY humanities grad students who do some journalism for local free newspapers. (I thought I saw this on their blog at some point but I couldn't find it just now.) Their most interesting recent post is about Republican-friendly art.

* Newdonky.com is the new DLC centrist Democrat blog. You've probably heard of it, but I'm excited that I have a new blog to put in my "third way" category.

* MyDD is a pretty well known, sort of competitor to DailyKos.com: Politics from a nuts-and-bolts campaign perspective. I used to read it obsessively during the 2002 elections. They were consistently overly optimistic but consistently interesting.


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