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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Nailbiter

I've been over at a friends house all night, watching TV elections coverage, so I have very little idea what's going on with the elections.

Judging from Mark Kleiman and Josh Marshall's reports, Ohio will be the new Florida. The Republicans seem ready to try and to steal the election by keeping the 300,000 provisional ballots from being counted. That's assuming they haven't stolen it already. According to Marshall: "a lawsuit strategy from Republicans is causing delays and shutdowns in precincts that remained open to allow people who were already in line to vote. Lawsuits create delays; folks leave."

One thing to keep in mind: Kerry has run an excellent campaign. One of Kerry's pollsters, writing on Sunday, argued convincingly that the fundamentals favored Bush. Wars usually help incumbents. The economy, while much worse than it should be, is good enough that election forecasting models based on economic statistics have been predicting a big Bush victory.

My point is, if we wake up tomorrow to a court battle over who was really elected President, we ought to rally around Kerry. He shouldn't have to face criticism for not doing better, or the kind of sniping that was all too frequently directed at Gore.


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