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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Think Small!

Maxspeak has the best commentary at the moment on what the next four years will be like and how progressives can win. I disagree with him, though, when he says, in discussing a future progressive program: "think big. We want vision, not laundry lists."

I say: think small! This is the internet era. Think narrow-casting, not broadcasting.

Here's one example. Kerry probably peeled off the about 200,000 Arab-American votes in key battleground states, according to Zogby. He also did very well among Muslim Americans (not necessarily the same group: the large majority of Arab Americans are Christian). Kerry won 93% of the Muslim vote, according to one survey (although the survey doesn't sound particularly reliable). A huge issue for these voters, who've been targeted by Ashcroft, was civil liberties, a topic which probably didn't crack the top ten list of issues discussed in the campaign.

Thinking small, Grover Norquist wants to defund Democratic constituency groups like unions, trial lawyers, social service organizations, and foundations. What can Democrats do (at the state level, presumably) to help them out?

A shift of about 1.8 million voters would have won Kerry the popular vote, and a shift of much less could have won the electoral vote, if it came in the right places. So, what are Estonian Americans thinking? What was Kerry's stance on Bear Baiting (a hot topic in Maine)? On ethanol? (Undoubtably Kerry was pro-ethanol, a big issue for Iowa corn farmers). Nuclear waste? (Nevada). Admittedly, ethanol and nuclear waste didn't put Kerry over the top. But what if he had proposed something for the Iowa potato growers too?


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