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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fafblog Takes Down Juan Cole

Over at Fafblog, Giblets digs up yet another outrageous claim by Middle East pundit Juan Cole.

True, the quote in Fafblog doesn't compare to such expert Cole pronouncements as "[I]f Sharon and AIPAC decide that they need the US government to take military action against Iran...it is likely that the US government will do so." Or "Colin Powell was pushed out as secretary of state because he sought to rein in Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon" (linking to an article which says no such thing).

And Giblets apparently can't manufacture anything as bizarre as blaming Israel for 9/11 (Cole believes that Israel "
helped drag the United States into a hot war with terrorists"). Or as dishonest as writing a long screed about Israel's failure to meet with the the Palestinians after 9/11, without mentioning that high-level talks began within two weeks.

But as usual Fafblog is right on target, quoting Cole as saying "dynamite is explosive...If you feed it to your pig, your pig will explode." Hilarious! Just as the real Cole makes absurd pronouncements about Israel's behind-the-scenes manipulation of U.S. foreign policy, so the Fafblog Cole makes ridiculous statements about the properties of dynamite.

Of course, dynamite is perfectly edible. In small doses, it's even a medicine, being just stabilized nitroglycerine. In large doses, dynamite is poisonous, but a dynamite-eating pig still isn't going to blow up. The whole point of inventing dynamite was to create a stable explosive, requiring a blasting cap to set it off.

Indeed this Fafblog entry is subtle, and many may have misinterpreted it as a defense of Cole. So subtle is the humor here, that I suspect it was written not by Giblets, but by the Medium Lobster.

And Fafblog's intricate joke isn't limited to merely putting a silly claim into Cole's mouth. Giblets continues, hysterically deriding Cole's expertise in "
pig history and pig theory," fields of study which obviously provide little insight into the properties of dynamite. Here, Giblets (if it is Giblets) deftly skewers Prof. Cole for spouting nonsense when making pronouncements outside his area of expertise, which is middle eastern religion. As Fafblog implies, Cole's insights into Shiites, Bahais, and Sunnis obviously don't prevent him from making strange conspiratorial claims about Israel's secret orders to President Bush, demanding that he fire his subordinates and invade various countries.


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